Think how ugly RVPC would be without the architectural storefronts?

When the Board discusses building boundaries and maintenance ​during our June 19th Board meeting, picture in your mind if all of the building exteriors were brick. Think how ugly RVPC would be without the half moon windows and architectural storefronts? Probably fifty percent of our buildings have decorative windows and architectural storefronts — which should be maintained like common element bricks! (some of the building photos are below)

Lincoln’s Birthday Commemorative Wreath Laying

The Lincoln Birthday National Commemorative Committee and the National Park Service honor President Lincoln on his birthday at the Lincoln Memorial.  This year the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) were invited to participate in the wreath laying ceremony.  Don Ellison was asked to head the BSA delegation.  Don is a Distinguished Eagle Scout and a NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout (NOESA).  The Grapin brothers have earned every merit badge offered by the BSA.  Jeff Berger is the Deputy Scout Executive of the BSA National Capital Area Council and a NOESA honoree.  The event was held on Sunday, February 12, 2017.  (Photographs taken by Craig Harmon)

Boy Scouts lay wreath at the Lincoln Memeorial
Lincoln’s Birthday Wreath Laying event — The BSA delegation .
Lincoln's Birthday at the Lincoln Memorial
The White House Chapiain prayed and the Gettysburg Address was read.
Bou Scouts (youth and adults) at the Lincoln Memorial
left to right – Sean Grapin, Eric Grapin, Don Ellison, and Jeff Berger


Don Ellison is also President of Government Relations, LLC located in the Rolling Valley Professional Center.

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